Friday, April 20, 2012

Age Is Just A Friendly Picture

I share my heart with the other
Part of it is the perfume you wear and no other
I see the confidence in you as I notice my own shyness
The movements you make, worm their way to my calm heart
For your tone, arms, palms seem to be my next bay

Could this be the love likeness of Romeo and Juliet?
A question of another scene
Can we ever be palm in palm, heart by heart and lip upon lip?
Are those feelings and thoughts just a bowl of water with loop holes?
Being a frequency of the ups and downs

‘You are young and this will not work’
Those are the thoughts that play in my mind
As I lay cocooned in my bed, my feelings built up inside
I feel no pressure to exhale them as I do feel sad
For my blue sky is covered by a steam of grey smoke

Most days I stare at you and record your stages
Most days I would softly want to pour my heart to you
Yet no words come to mind, as no sense of humour, sadness or anger could apply
‘Age is just a number’, the words of my friends would grab me
But the sense of maturity and an age above my own would grab me most

I do sense your feelings by just the blink of your movements
Noticing that it is my world building in you, I see the confusion it brings you
Bedtime I reminisce about the good moments we have, hoping for the better future
Yet the better future will not have heart and mine in its picture
So just hush, pick a colour and paint a friendly picture