Monday, April 16, 2012

Been About The Love

I am on some love crack cocaine packed in stacks
Because lately I have been writing allot about it
Maybe it’s what I have been feeling
And I'm just embracing it
The night lights have messages between them that I can't figure out
Maybe it’s the knockouts of every cracked glass of reflection
The cause of my morning sickness
I might write about it all
But I might end up repeating myself throughout these lines
And what a lack inspiration it would be through it all

I'm not in love
I might need it but it don't mean I am not searching for it
I might miss a lady I once was with
Good times are meant to be remembered
They mostly come back not to haunt you
And you wonder why it all ended
It’s all natural
What we all go through, it’s believable
What I went through last-night was believable
That beautiful young lady was believable
Hold on! There I go again
Almost let this love thing flow my way
But I am trying to avoid it
Maybe it is what I have been feeling
And I'm just embracing it
It is all in colours not black and white
So hate me now for not avoiding its nature
It is not the first time I have done this neither the last
Applaud for me later when I am on a different route
With flavours served on a different platter