Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Born Fatherless Child

1987, a child born blessed in heaven
A father not there, even seen leaving
Rejecting his own blood in life
Rejection with no regrets while breathing
Breathing life itself while the forgotten, remain forgotten

A child still breathing with dignity
Having a dignitary mother in family life
Climbing his steps day by day leading to his dynasty
With the ups and downs, bashes and confidence
But a successful mind running through impatience and patience

A child full of inherited bravura
With words living as long as an infinite ruler
Containing ingredients of anger in layers
Cooking up within, creating a spherical mass
Being stalemate, waiting for its release date with no mute

Last born child after the elder
Sharing one blood in different paths
Few years together, more years apart
Happiness for those few in one ring uncut
Sadness when the other departs in a blink

Nineteen levels of age past and still climbing
Passing by his lullaby days to now being fraternal
Having enough energy pumping the internal
Leaving the past in ashes
Building his life until his end of time