Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cherished (Words of a loving wife)

For the first an eye to eye sparkle without a blink
As true love unseen formed in sheets
You serviced my whole-self from within
 I calmly reached my level of sense
For you had saved me from the implausible sin

Time made, time spent as periods past
For our friendship grew daily in minutes not lost
And the unknown love forming in seconds
For my heart was yours as yours was mine
And the cupid waited for the final touch

As our expressed emotional love geysered within
Sweat flowing our outta bodies in arms breathing
Our first passion was a delight
And love released its bravura in a light
For the cupid had done its final touch

Half a dozen years past the first leap year
Through contentions as I poured tears
And within each other’s arms of love when ending
For I would miss you as you depart
With your sweet and gentle understanding heart unforgotten

Now I lay with our love connected in me
As my exultance can be noticed in a blink of an eye
For I am grateful that I am your chosen love
As our dove love is to settle in a home
And the cherished to be loved with cherish