Friday, April 20, 2012

Cupids Final Touch

They say every lovers joint starts with a crush
Yet the feelings take it to the next level
Then a confession breaks it all
And a cupid does the final touch, of heart to heart
Love to love and s kiss of emotion

Every lady beauty is beauty in a man’s eyes
Yet not knowing the heart in her
Every man’s perfection is perfection to a lady’s eyes, even not looking within him
Love is love; joint is joint, heart to heart
Till cupid does the final touch

Never will one feel the cupids final touch
For it awaits till he feels her love, that speaks her beauty
The beauty that speaks “she is loved”
Loved by many but one she loves
With cupids final touch

Love can be a love of passion
Yet people break their promise of love
The love that brings out the emotion of love that cannot be resisted
Yet can always be insisted
Till cupid does the final touch

The power of love cannot be broken
Yet a love of a lady can be spoken
No man can resist a glamorous lady
One look, one flow of emotional love
An eye for eye, waves of love fly
Till one lies sky high, with the cupids final touch