Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Summer

I heard you sing all through winter
Summer love sonnets that kept me heated
My pad filled with them, your scent everlasting
Played my part as you played yours
I'm glad we've been together for so long
My best kept love, very few know of
Love of my life, you've seen it all
Can't wait for our very first child
Successfully to be named by you

I love what you've done
Summer all seasons, never forgetful
Word for word you've improved in every moment
Brushed the negatives aside as we moved along
I chose my success over friends, they all left
But you held my hand like always and never departed
You are a gift to me and you know it
Many would feel you as much as I do
You've felt and shared my feelings towards every of my verses
And the departure of them all
Many more to come that we would have deal with
A ring on your finger, we shall never divorce