Friday, April 20, 2012

Diva La Babe

Young lady so grown, cute and feminine
Being adequate as she formulates a la babe physique
Her eyes sparkle as the sunshine light upon her
Her presence is felt as she models by
And her scent would grab those who inhale her aroma

Diva la babe, la viva senorita
The movement of a young man would pause
As her unique self would keep them to their seats
For she would be the Mona Lisa of the block
As she would walk the walk, as her steps talk the walk

The young mans hearts would pace along with her
As her lips would form a smile
Every young mans soul would be taken in rhymes
As their minds had prepared their lines
To exhale them to her in every floetic poetic rhythm

Ain’t no booty call for a fraternal diva
Just applause created and seen by every young man movement
Her movement and walks being all parallel
As the floor would turn into a red carpet
For the diva la babe had won the Grammy