Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Feb 14, Roses Rise

“ I would love to breath in you
Hold you down and share my life with you
Take you out as a popcorn date
Play around the swings and dance in the club with you
I would love to feel the melt in you
Be your shoulder when times are hard
Hug you on the goodbyes and kiss you on the welcome backs
I would love to make you laugh like I am your comedian
Be your Shakespeare when the love moment approaches

I would love to be your compass
Be your repairman when you find most things difficult to fix
Assist you along the tough lanes
I would love to be your first class when you need to see the world
Medicate you when you end up ill in no strength to move
I would love to be your blanket on those cold seasons
Cool you down when the heat is not worth feeling
I would love to be your helping hand when things are uneasy
Holding me tight when we deliver those we are to cherish
But first, I would love to be your valentine”

Feb 14th, avow is written