Friday, April 20, 2012

Feb 14th, I Am Your Rose

Once upon a time, I am your rose
In love of tear drops, I would rise
From the depth of your heart, I arose
Whispering low of loves indulgence
Over the night before the morning awakening

I am your rose
In strawberry flavour, your lips I would simmer
A mature taste to last you through summer
Your tongue seduced while your eyes glitter
For I am your session of sweet silent thoughts

I am more red than roses red
Sweet to discover, your heart to recover
My pleasures of love are in my nature
As your heart is my bay of no dry season
New love has risen beyond tomorrow

I am your rose
With scent-full sonnets of your soul, I will grow
Worthy to shine upon your bare heart for love to show
Past the coldest winter, my leaves will warmly snow
Heart in heart, soul for soul, I am yours to love

Feb 14th, I am your rose