Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Of One love

This is a trail of the love that I'm living
From the hood clubs straight to my crib, thank God I'm living
Where my heart is, as much it is respected to my mother
That lady kept me well alive, and all I can do is to return the favour
Daddy aborted me before birth, mutual feelings towards him
I want to live freely and do what I want
Push aside the negatives, the lanes I take be positive
Make success, build it up for I care for my living
Why be sad while I could cry tears of joy
Why am I still living, I must be doing something right
Why exercise the question, I should be a solution
Of my own thoughts, quite an idea
You all could also be the solution of your own thoughts
This life is about cherish
But it seems like most people just want to perish
They leave a trail of suicidal notes
Is it hard to believe that God never planned your life that way?
Just do like I do and script some lively notes
And hope for brighter moments