Sunday, January 4, 2015

Girls Girls Girls (In Remembrance Of The Fallen)

I finally came to my senses
Girls Girls Girls
Remember the verses
You will always be part of my verse
Not my verses in scripts or rhymes
But my verses of life
Even when I am not there to congratulate you all
Just know that I'm pleased with all of your success
I am not referring to all of you ladies here
But my sisters from up Swazi down to P.E, up Jo'burg and down Cape Town
Remember them verses when o Tata left
Girls Girls Girls
Though it was a sad week for all
I still fall in laughter on days I reminisce of the verses I wrote
I miss the walks we had
But now we older, our paths differ
I hope someday our paths will meet

This is not a replacement for the real Girls verse
Just a tribute to you all because I love you
And a tribute to our fallen sisters
Can't believe they gone but I'm leaving in acceptance
May their souls rest in peace as we live that way
The only memories I got of the other are those of when we were young
Most times life has its way
But at the end of every second, it's worth living

So Girls Girls Girls
You now ladies ladies ladies
Be surrounded by fellas
Like I be surrounded by ladies
A part of my heart is filled with...
As a part of yours is filled with...
One Love...