Thursday, April 26, 2012

An Honest Friendship (Does It Last)

“I like you and I do know what’s between us will work”
They sat facing each other, as her words fully launched
Her confidence had come to light, as her words were brighter
“I know you wouldn’t hurt me in any case”
Her lips smiled along every sentence she said
As she calmly took sips of coffee

Sitting with soft laughter and never-ending smile
No thoughts of what she said came to mind
As his heart and mind were restless
“yes no yes no yes no…..!”
The words formed a chain of non-sense sentences in thoughts
As they ran through and through like they were lyrically inclined

“I am prepared to leave him for you”
She voiced out as she kept knocking in his heart
No tear drop, no kneeling down but the delightful words being divine
“I know, you know, what a lady needs and feels”
Her complements towards his ways of treating ladies
As her heart fed her with more pleasant words

His thoughts kept switching lanes
For his heart kept forming heat with no words poured
Lips sweating rain like drops as he swallowed the stream
The same stream that had an answer
The answer that would form a worthy flavour
“NO”, the answer came out, a good or bad choice, a true or false session

A runaway and come with love situation
“I want more than friendship between us”
As she sounded like more need than want
For it was no more fun and games
As all his chess pieces had vanished
For he was out beaten but harshly adored