Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Got

I got an eye for her
Every Sunday at the church door I put a smile for her
Like she does for everyone else, she smiles back
Her lips being kissable, I wouldn't blink twice
Her eyes too are a call, 911 emotional heart moments
My heart beats the unconditional love sound
Like the cupid wants me to do something without its touch
My world would have to get down and pray now
Not for her but for success, I hope she sees it coming
And if I succeed then she may as well come along
A fella got to put on more than a smile for her
her falling in my arms would be a blessing because we have hearts
Yeah, the thoughts we have for love most times are a curse
But the gifts that come with it are a gesture
Can't wait for the day of green pastures to say hello...

Halloween is a crazy thought, behind the mask I cannot hide
An eye for an eye, true appearance is of no fear!
My world orbits around her on Sundays
At the church door I would put a smile for her
She is the curse of my sins, angel wings cut off for that short stop
She might be my next verse, of beauty round about lust
But if it is, it might be filled with doves
At one point I would want to fly away to find symphony
She might be my soul-mate
Or am I just a sucker for love, getting carried away?
I might let her have a slice of me
Let my age be a number, adding no value to feelings
Beauty… I would call her
I got an eye for her, and I would love to explore her boundaries!