Thursday, April 19, 2012


Lady may I be your lullaby?
Sing you that lullaby song till you set your sights on what to find
Be my malice, I'll be your wonderland
All cards royal... chips be loyal
Brick road gold, snowing ice-cream cold
Touch it, feel it, lick it, the way you want to
It could be wicked, but I know u want to
Have more of it, it’s all profit, no left overs, it is not yet over
The finish line is in a distance, just be by me
My boat is near, get in and let us cruise
Do not feel alienated, the journey has just began, feel rejuvenated

See the river, all strawberry
Take a sip; you'll be like "MARRY!"
Now relax, don't crunch my banana
The boat might sink, and we'll be bananas
The nights milky, all mellow curly
Swerve your body; melt it up, till it’s curvy
The finish line is in a distance, my ride is near
Ooops! Momento, petroleum's so empty
Let us juice it up, green it up
Strawberry juiced, let us be on the way
Do not feel alienated, the journey is midway
It’s all rejuvenated; we still got time to play

Twinkle twinkle little star
Up above so high we'll fly
Pick all you want, fill up your cookie jar
I'll be your ginger, dunk me in your litre
With candy arms it’s a perfect mixture
Flavour of love, so picture perfect
Touch me, feel me, and crunch me
I know u want to
Feel the shock till you crank, it won't be a blunder
Now slow down, hold on, tick tock, time is up
The finish line's near, skip foreplay, be on your way
Tomorrow is another day, we'll have time to play