Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sala Hantle Mesa

Sala hantle mesa, it is a new day
May-day mayhem on the way
Birth for the rebirthed
What a new play, what a new way
Feeling the closure that came today
My girl was in silence
I should have given her the time she needed
A way for her space, a myth
She did need it, but time is success
And I gave her neither, self-destruction kicked in
What a wrong move, became someone different
Now I miss her, instead of bringing her along
I chose success over her
Felt like losing and gaining a blessing
What a thought, my path was shrinking
But I'll deal with the bed I laid, it is all pain
She's dealt with it already, the way she always does
She was my new beginning, and so now my past
She was my best, never worst
Three months later, it was a pleasure...

Sala hantle mesa, I will not miss you
You gave me no fun, the ladies at the pageant
Were not worth to glance either
Applause for the winner, a toast for the looser
I got a new wave to ride, new lane to digest
A verse to write, and if it does not fit, I shall erase it
Nightlife error, be my barrier, past the night, past the milky-way
So sala hantle mesa, I will not miss you
Your curse is a gift
So hello mayday mayhem