Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Young Fella Called Liberty

Raised by a parent who went far for your future
Gave you the love that you needed on sweet sour days
And it all had to come to this
Gone away not your way
So don’t sob young fella, all will be alight
Night and day
Look at it the forward way, your bright lane that way
You got your dream job, wealthy as it is you put your heart into it
Poor never be a factor
Your heart broken a lot of times
You got a girl who loves you as you set your heart in hers
So don’t trip and fall
Give her the attention she needs not wants, your success being important
You in return gave her the love that’s worth any other
As she is replaceable
Got friends who never turn their backs on you on dark days
Same friends who shake your hand to applaud you of your success
Your lifestyle being a stepping stone
Be grateful you making it