Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freetime Exercise II

Im having the feeling of sharing a verse
Never been here before
So complicated and yet I think of
Food for thought you know
And Im only being sincere cause its true
I never want to reverse these words that I mean
Neither be late to say what I feel

Im on another freetime moment
As I cant seem to concentrate
Thoughts of who I cant get out of my mind
Good images do come right on time
Yet I try hard for that feeling I hope to find
Popularise its nature to see it blossom
To see it flourish in a lit firework
It maybe here but hard to find
But I can never fear of its outcome

Here I go, not again
On my freetime me time
Level headed fastime
And today wont be like tomorrow life
As big things do come in little packages
A smile now, a bigger one later
It could last forever than never
I got a verse, my dream
And Im joggin along its lane to become a winner
All I need is to live it
And for it not to shy away and listen
To my idea, heart to soul without skippin
For I want this verse, my dream
The one I jog along its lane to become the winner