Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freetime Exercise III

I just lit up the confidence in me
Kissed my aunt and made a promise
Once I broke, never to repeat its mistakes
Kissed my mother, told her I love her
Never let the only parent in my life be gone
As her throne never be taken down by pass-bye-byes
Another freetime moment Im on
And I just remenisced of all my good times
Hopeful to find new ones on my lane so shallow
I wouldnt have to wait for success to come
An unfair lazy moment, I call it dead
Im an alive young man walking towards something
And if at first I dont succeed, I got to try again

I just met a new verse
Shy as she rhymes, her words would have to be colourful to prove me wrong
Too good to play on, how will I know
Guess pouring my heart out is another show replayed
I might overdose on my words
Get killed for the moment
Recovered when I least expect it
I might as well get sophisticated along her lines
Reverse and pick up the pieces I shattered
As good things come to those who wait
But waiting wont get me anywhere
So my patience would have to play its part
Another freetime moment Im on
Layed to rest till I awake my continuation of time