Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freetime Exercise V

Can we live?
Not for ourselves but for others too
Another life gone, another life might come, another on thin line
Cherish the fallen, cherish the living
Where do we go from here?
For we cannot rewind time, but can make up for it
And not be judged for the steps we choose to

We break hearts, be broken apart...
We strive to live through life
Strive to see a brighter day
But what happens when all is failed in every success you hoped for?
Isnt love the comfort all things...
Are we accepting fear and letting it reign our emotions?

My aunt told me "never keep what bothers
you bottled up for it might hurt you, letting out could save you..."
The decisions we make, determine the next step...
Never fail to be wise...
Share to receive and you shall see a better day...

My fifth freetime exercise
And I just lost a brother and broke a heart
Never saw it coming, a dilemma
How to heal and to get healed, I cant define
A tearful moment whenever I shut my eyes
A tearful moment whenever you hurt
All day, all night lastnight... HURT

My fifth freetime exercise
How to heal or get healed as I try to define this hurtful moment
All that can be done is to pray for the pain to go away
Live your life and never forget the lost ones...