Thursday, May 10, 2012

Freetime Exercise VI

Lord forgive the sinners, bless the courageous
Bless the broken hearted in tearful thoughts
Hand them a musical thread to stitch that heart with love
A melody tone simmered to soften a tough journey
For them to keep going as there is no end

 It is said…
                “Evil people look for ways to harm others.”
So much hatred people deliver
Yet a believer would smile, embrace it, move on and ”amen” being a closure
As it is said…
                “Those who are good travel a road that avoids evil.”

We live in a world that flirts with the universe
Populate it with drama that brings action of gasses in masses
Humour it with comedy for a happy tearful show
A soap opera play, a binoculars needed to see an act in a distance
Till the curtain of life is drawn, we live daily as though it is

Another freetime exercise, sixth moving forward
Courageous to accepting the changed and unchanged
Blessed to see the life worth living
Even if there is bitterness to spread evil
We find the love that levitates through the days of our lives