Friday, May 11, 2012

Freetime Exercise VII

"Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all

  His work which God had created and made" – Genesis 2:3

Im on my seventh freetime exercise
I would call it Heaven, cooler on the other side of the pillow
Feeling the celebration of a journey that began this week
My special chandelier lit brighter this morning
All blessed in colours I got a kiss
Over a call, my mother saying she loves me
Applauding me on being a brother, what a moment
And I thanked her for the cradle she brought me up in
All blessed in colours I got a kiss
Twice from my special heart, words of her love she whispered
I thank her for that special place I cuddle in, and sleep upon to comfort my own heart

Beneath the stars I lay to admire the art
All night adventure surfing upon the milky-way
A pure bravura, celebration of Gods work, as ancestors and the fallen shine upon us
Filling up the frame of the universe with their souls
Too many mirrors reflect, only one default picture not to be torn apart
One stage, a single crowd, a special haven, a halo born with love
Alive seeing little to experience a lot in this open space
Alive all beautiful, eventful in its pastures as souls still burn to learn the verses
God watches, angels guide us, day and night, answering the believes in our prayers

Like my motto says…
        “Hold onto what you got, so that no one takes your crown”
My seventh freetime exercise
A halo, never have I had all this good
As I wish upon a star for more of her, the comfort I sleep on, a happy heart
A vulnerable pleasure that I know I got
That beat it sings to be in its theme, a melody default picture, I cherish in every pixel
A smile on her face, a firework moment in her eyes
Through this default silent moment, I set it in comfort
To stitch up the pieces with my love, my personal reputation, she finds comfort in
It said…
        “You never know you have a good thing until it is gone”
What I have is better, higher than the ceiling, brighter than a crown, my halo