Friday, September 28, 2012

From Me To You

Do you know what happens to you when you do one thing wrong for a company that you served well?”
They fire you without considering all the good work you did for them!”

He had broken summer, as they lived far off on opposites
Shared a flavour to make her brighter and the closer they got together
No secrets, all so real, a meal, a mile, a smile
Then he drove them to crash, many times; had to lean to apologies, an often addiction
Broken many walls, summer seemed to die; he had to shake off the dust
And had to find that area where he had to make her shine

On a letter he wrote…
Read this for a moment, a taste of my thoughts of you, a fool for love letter to you

We have had lots of confessions between us, together as we flourished no secret
Your pretty lovely heart makes me smoke your love
Puff under the stars along the milky-way, yes your love, the remarkable beat
I made promises, broken and fixed, demolished and built
You, I got to be honest, I had a bowl filled with my tear drops
Took a gun and blasted twelve roses in my chest, a thousand leaflets scattered
Had to tip toe to find that dance tune that brought us together
Told you of summer and I, the journey forever
How mother said I had that summer soul, yes its birth
And now I share you with summer, every written text on the cards, us

I sit here being honest, I prayed for you, no lies; a strong love string attached
And here we are, as I fight for more of your love; get back to rock on cloud 9
Battle to let no obstacle in our way, and it seems like more battles more obstacles
You my heart, I am your armour, cuddled with a good meaning that is to last forever
I will not forget the words you said, all glued up in my heart
I will not forget the pains I brought unto you; I pray and promise not to let them come our way
I am no sleeping bird, for my wings are not broken as I am forever pointed in your direction
So high I still climb, through the brick walls, through the fire, I do not ever think of giving up
I will always envy your precious special heart

I am in heaven now from the fight we had that lead to an accident
Swerved, twisted as flashes of you and I passed on like a motion picture
I crashed; saw you in a distant laying there on the ground, an implacable mixture
Felt the tears of your soul fall upon me as we laid asleep side by side underground
Please get back to me as I will be looking for you.