Saturday, September 29, 2012


Tired of living negative like everything is all right, being positive yet all is not bright
Having not to lay any word down from ground up for months
Had feelings inside all puzzled like a young child learning how to draw a perfect picture
I had sympathy for myself, no symphony gave me that spark to light up and write
For I have been dream chasing, but these dreams seem difficult to become a reality
The harder I tried, the harder it became and nothing came of it but I never gave up
I motivated myself but never had I practiced what I had preached to others
So prayed for serenity, courage and wisdom

I crossed paths with journeys that sunk
Got interrogated on past journeys I had to flirt with but never got their attention
My heart seemed too big for the bag, too heavy to be lifted and soft for the listeners
Months passed, bravura smoked far from me and all I heard were *click click* blasters
Fear stripped of its clothes and I gave it a chance, truth is told
My hand was in the jar; fell in a comer, my young heart dying old
Bottom of the sea I felt the pressure; cemented with many bricks
So I held my breath, prayed for serenity, courage and wisdom

I cannot wave away my birth mark, born and gifted
I am no successful saint, neither the most cherished sinner
Built walls that came crashing down every-time I let go the foundation
Touched many hearts that used my belief of love as their own circus
Had to rise above the occasion and let their moments blow to build a fountain
And now in the middle of the night here I sit, in the dark with no sight
My laptop pad feeling like a piano in its click melody
I could rewrite to sing the Mariam Makebe click song

I only live once to make a living, make my bed daily pillows upright
The past is just a day ago, tomorrow a day away, so I plan today for tomorrow
Celebrate tomorrow even though it might not be promised
And if I do not make it by tomorrow, I would not look back
In deep thoughts I had been a victim, for months but I kept running
Prayed further for my stage, my season to have tasteful thoughts
Crucify bad memories, forgive my yesterday, and pull my socks further up
I do look forward not to keep my eyes closed with my brave heart all in one