Friday, October 26, 2012

Chronicles Of Exs: The First Encounter

Chapter I
The plan was to go and drown all the excitement in a manly way, that is strictly no ciders or pink drinks but simply beer. The match has been the biggest talk of the town, Bafana Bafana had just played to a 1-all draw against Mexico and every South African fan's hopes were on the boys rampaging Uruguay. 

The night was very cold at one stage I felt like I was lost in an eskimo home. I could hardly feel my ears let alone my toes, fortunately there was a coffee vending machine but there was huge queue. I finally got my turn and got a cappuccino, it was very hot but my body was way too cold I needed 3 cups at least.

We lost the game and you can imagine how cold it became especially considering the 3-0 score-line. My appetite for a beer or two vanished, I felt like a teetotaller when they smell alcohol. I wished I could just fly to be with my baby, she always had away for making sure my chips are up when something gets them down.  One thing for sure I was not in the mood for some cuddling, I just wanted some TLC. You know what that means; I need just some tender loving and care. I am a big fan of football but I have never let a loss get to me. That day it was different, my head was very light and my stomach way too tight but I was not hungry at all.

It was the 16th of June, a historic day in South African history which we celebrate the lives of the youth that sacrificed their lives for the freedom of this country. I slept over at a friend's place, both of us were bitter after the loss. We probably had high hopes that the team will overrun Uruguay and progress to the knockout stages of the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

A loud Eminem "Not Afraid" ringtone on my cell-phone woke me up; I was not in the mood to take a call especially those with restricted identity. I thought it was some journalists from abroad looking to rub in some salts in my wounds after I had stood on the table and proclaimed that we will thrash Uruguay 3-0. Ironically they gave us a thumping by that score; I just had to swallow my words and pride. I simply had to shut up and everyone around me who had nothing better to talk about needed to shut up.

The moment I saw her name flushing on my screen I felt my rock hard heart melting and my face too turning in too a waterfall like smile. She wanted to see me urgently. It got me worried because I had switched off my phone the whole night and I thought it was going to be one fight that will end up with some kissing and make up. I was tired, hungry and still a bit angry; I mean bitter of the loss.

I took a cab to her place and on arrival she opened the door for me. Looking in my tired eyes she said, look at you my baby you so tired. She made me some coffee; it always makes me feel better. Maybe coffee has some powdered TLC, the fact that it was the love of my life that made it made it even more comforting.

We usually played loud music together and also acted some mini movie scenes which I believe some of the world's biggest directors would surely like. That morning I wanted everything soft and smooth, as if she felt it she gave me soft smooch which got my battery charged a bit.

She pushed me down on the couch on my back and slowed me down; my engine was heating up quick. I needed to slow down; but unlike usually I didn't rush to pull off her top because every time the encounters never reached that dead end. She usually dropped me like an egg from the 15th floor with that am not ready phrase. It got me frustrated everytime she did it but I remembered one day when I was in the middle of writing a poem and words just did not come out. Then just one line made my hand dance the samba on paper, it read "True love waits". Was this true love, when am tortured and left to go like my feelings did not matter? That kept me even much closer to her, I realised that it is more than just sex that makes a good relationship. 

This was going to be her first time and I felt the pressure which comes with breaking new ground, you know that feeling you get when you have the scissor at a ribbon cutting ceremony and millions of people are present. She glide on top of me and put her forefinger over my mouth as to silence anything I was about to say. She said in a mere whisper, "Slow down big boy let me show you something".

She was right I was hitting 240km/h in seconds like the engine of a Ferrari, hard and fast. She was so beautiful and feminine how could I resist? I did not have to resist because she wanted me to have everything on the menu - she just wanted me to "play with my food" first for a while. I allowed my hands to explore her body and still did not turn on the ignition because of the past experience that saw me live with a hard on and struggled to cover it with my T-shirt for the world not to see.

If humans had car-like engines then the females would surely come with an engraver which reads, “Heat It Up First". Men can go from 0-100 in just 10 seconds but the female engine needs to be warmed up and lubricated before they can run the big race. 

More like diesel engines that take for ever to get the car started on a winter morning. Some females love a good quickie sometimes but when it comes to real sex and real love-making the game any woman wants a bit of a body tour ,foreplay that is what the expects call it.

Foreplay is most definitely the starting point of a good lover. A good lover is not measured in penis length or bra size. Good lovers do not possess magic powers or have hypnotic potions that create this aura about their sexual prowess. A good lover is about giving and satisfying their partner through seduction and unselfish behaviour. Nothing exemplifies this more than foreplay. It is the game before the real game. 

Before I knew it, she had ripped her top up and was now gliding for shirt. I could not believe it was about happen, her first time and our very first encounter beyond just cuddling. Both of us were in their birthday suites now within a flash and the temperature was rising every second. I could feel her warm breath around my neck as I ran my hand around the exotic areas of her body. With our tongues interlocked I could feel some body magic from her filtering down my chest and sending shivers of affection down my spine as we kissed passionately.

She was scared, she had to be as this was her first time and friends had shared their experiences. I had to calm her down, assure her that it’s not going to hurt as much as she had been coerced to accept and believe. I looked in her glowing eyes, maybe it was tears because her eyes were so sparkling so it wasn't tears of pain it was just panic mixed with desire. I wiped the tears off and looked her in the eyes and said, "Lovey, the pain is in your brain. If you believe that it’s going to hurt then it will hurt like hell burning bones with sulphuric acid". For a moment I felt like a psychologist, this was the moment that had to get us even closer and it had to happen in a manner that we both shall remember.

I then took her hands, they we so cold because of fear I reckon although it was a cold day outside. We tongue locked for about a minute without anyone saying a word there she moved her legs apart. She moved sideways but the deed was done, she started urging me to go on and on but with caution. She kept saying, "Don't be too fast, come on throw it in slower slower sloooweerrrrr". Our first encounter was a quickie, it last long enough a first timer can handle.

I was looking forward to the second encounter, which was surely going to be different one altogether. She was now an experienced participant.

Chapter II
Somebody once said, “Women I like monkeys, they never let go of a branch before they get hold of another". I kept asking myself was I that stronger branch of the tree such that she kept hanging on even though I lied to her and got her mad. We had fights in between which instead of pushing us apart, drew us even closer. 

I have never loved not even came close to but whenever I looked at her eyes there was something which I couldn't find a name for. They were glowing, telling the untold stories and the myth that gave my heart a beating twice than normal. I used to just do them and not care about their feelings; I guess its part of growing up as now I even started putting her feelings before mine. Her happiness became my daily quest, I was in love and still I am. She failed to show me what love is, but she did well making me feel the feeling that had eluded me for more than two decades.

It is a known fact that people are different but not always in terms of their needs and wants especially those ladies. She wants a good listener, somebody who talks less and keeps nodding even if her loud is simply sounding nothing. Attention leads every girl’s list of wants and needs, what is attention? She is no exception, but me being born a writer I sometime talk too much and it simply got her irate but the good thing about her she would tell me that am a loud mouth. Well it comes with the job, I mean for five days a week I spend 3 hours talking and hoping millions are listening. I talked a lot because she was more introverted at times and it made me feel like am working at a graveyard. 

Attention is when you call, text and pretend very well to be listening to what she says. Be warned, attention does get too much for her to handle, it’s just like how heavy fame can get on footballers.

Girls love a guy who tells the truth. Of course the truth to her is not the utmost truth but simply what she wants to hear. Take for instance; she stands in front of you asking what you think about her body. Heavens, that’s why there are mirrors and they never, lie to anyone for fear does not govern. I mean if there was something eye catching about your body, a man will always commend. Besides they always ask with an invincible gun stuck on his head and as a defensive mechanism man always tell her what she wants to hear.

How do I know what she wants to hear? Well if it’s about her body then try to think about her favourite model or celebrity lady, take a quick scrutiny of her looks or features then you will know what she wants you to tell her. She is a big fan of RnB sensation Usher Raymond and whenever I wanted to get her to relax I would simply play one of the artists’ tracks.

If you want to remember your woman's birthday for the rest of your entire life then forget it once. I will always remember hers not because I have forgotten it before but because I didn't know what to get her. She is so priceless to me that if possible I could have got her the moon so it would shine for her and her alone. Her beauty comes vivid everyday when I do my routine watching of sunset and the moon rising.

The second encounter was looming, I craved it like her craving hot wings from Chicken Licken. If your man isn’t pushing for it then he is surely getting it somewhere else, I wasn't pushing her. I grew up under the tutelage of a military commander-like father who wants things done right there right away. She turned me down when I wanted to get it on and I would live her place furious. In my head I would be thinking of a booty call to rid myself all the anger but I learnt that true love is more than just sex.

Written by: Clyde Slyde Tlou