Thursday, November 1, 2012

Birthday Gift

“Happy birthday”, her last gasp after the delightful mourning morning
Her lips had that ballet dance on me, my lips danced in return and her breath, a high note hymn
From the kitchen counter past the living room, upon the bed we tossed
My heart desired the moment, I could not let go her stage, a performer
Her hymn kept calling my name, all grown in each other’s arms
Very early in the morning, neighbours dreamt for the moment

The natural lap dancer, all morning long we broke down on one another
Her love sun rising upon me, looking so good on her, she never looked back
Her sober body made me nervous, with lights shined upon me
Eyes closed as we swam within one another, the thrill
“So so good, so so sincere, give me more give more”
Neighbours haunted by the lazy sounds of the night of the morning

As though it were my first time, so over whelmed by her ponytail come crushing down
Falling to more than forever, a climax that never ended
We defined the descriptions of Kamasutra, our tale of love
The fall, the grill, the tense, the sweat, the linger through time
Taking it slow, we paced through morning darkness, no breather
No lights, no camera, just action

All bare, my favourite flavour twisted, grinded and shined
That morning night, had begun with a knock on my door
An honest temptation, my eyes and lips adored her, my love formed through her
My very first scene, my very first appealing birthday gift
A beautiful nightmare as I was sober for more her
A beautiful nightmare, I remain more in love through her
I gasped as she entered the front door