Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine, the Sensual Massacre

“Customer care, how may I help you?”

Customer care; let me be plutonic
I am there to help you, let me endeavour this moment
You worked up all night and day to pleasure every customer
Be my customer for now, a pleasure for you through the night
Across the milky-way, Kamasutra on this lane
Roses must be red, for everything is so clear
This world is yours, so undress to make it clearer
Underneath the night, naked; lighting up being the brightest
A twinkle living star, how seductive you are
Legs wide open, arched and pointed in directions of your comfort
Meditating through these words, fantasising in these lines
Manoeuvre your fingers to find pleasure all over your temple
Building up the tempo, temptation is not a sin
Your soul is meaningful, break-out of that temper

Honey, your entrance, an intimate welcome
Stimulate the rhythm, be the beast of the muscle
Mourning and howling with a flow, a faithful outcry
Pleasure and pain, a mixture of lust and love, a profit
Deep inside your temple, the dawn of an erection
The muscle to smoothen your inner world, more nutrition
Deep in lingering, seducing and healing your hunger
Sensual service on every line, on the desk dialling positions
Shooting up as you blossom, exercising the master
Bearing the warm embraces of your nutrition, sprung with an outcry
The growth of your chests, the grip of the up on the mirror
Your painful outcry feasting for more nutrition
Deep inside your temple, mastering the master
A bust of an erection, muscular beast penetrating in directions
Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe
An intense exhalation, letting go off the muscle
Shooting out the pollen natured in your temple
A sweet humble taste as you lick your lips
From the distance of your heart beat
A rhythm as your heart speaks…
“Babe girl, you within a dream, within a dream, within a dream
A paradise of pollen shooting up in fireworks, let it go, let it go
Elope and let your heart die in the arms of Hercules
Let him enter your palace of pleasure
Give him seduction and he’ll return the favour
Take him to places where he’ll offer himself as your servant
Upon a platter, he’ll dine and heal you
Touch and believe in you
Smile and he’ll never leave your sight”