Friday, August 30, 2013

I Have Seen You

I have seen you sitting in a lonely place, looking sophisticated
A pale smile, not easy to describe, you found humour in a pleasurable way
Your eyes dancing in thoughts sensing your inner sound, feet tap dancing
Your groove made me introduce myself, and you drew your beautiful mind
An art of perfection, that I served the cold cream of seasons

Lust ‘laughs’, we let it be a jungle and strived through the circus of its life
Not saving the nights but spending them for a story to share in the prime of our lives
Not waiting for the day, we explored, setting our crazy fears aside
A polite moment for the growth of something new after the other
For I saw your desire of the definition towards life

I have seen you with the sound of your guitar
Playing without even trying, your fingers swerving like a surfer upon the waves
A song without words that lead us to a remarkable kiss into the colour of the night
Caught up in our breath and lying where we were, the spotlight
The beautiful truth, played a scene of a flawless dance

I have seen you, and if fate does have time to play its part, I will see you again
In another lifetime, the first time with no repeat
With changes that lead you opening your eyes for more than the sounds within you
You might find the love you need through the tears of sadness and happiness
Through the jazz of your unbroken heart, not waking up tomorrow, but that cherish-able moment

I have seen you and happy I met you.