Sunday, August 18, 2013


What is an ocean but a multitude of flowers?
Dancing in twirls like couples kissing in tongues
A solitude gesture, gifting the lonely hearts seeking more than happiness
Beyond the ordinary colours, to become a mixture of that feeling of loves’ first touch
And kisses that emerge through the wave of a mutual feeling
Gliding up and down to the shore of their lips
While the heavens open up to shower them with a blessing
Their hearts bright, like the sea jelly fish lighting in the night
Running away from the shyness, their single status being fond of love before lust
Unlike the other hearts that disappear and never return
Like sardines across the sea, they seek an adventure to write the tales of their lives
Fooled for the love of places they stumble upon, cursed to embrace its statue
Pleasing the foolish lustful ones who swim amongst others
Fond of their mirror, they dress to impress beyond the reflection of the sea
And blend in every season, to change the colour of their skin
What is an ocean but a multitude of races?