Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blind In My Sleep

Last-night I fell into a coma
A different universe without lights, no path to guide me out
All I saw was a white door in the darkness, opened it and there she was
Smoking a thin cigar, like Marylin Monroe smoking marijuana delightfully
I fell into the seduction of the scent, sat down and made love to the joint
Her lips roses red smiling and mumbling words I could not tell, I was high

Parallel as we were, I could not reach her, instead I stared
Victoria’s secret laced up material women dancing on strip poles in her background
Brushing my hair with my hands, I wondered if I had been drugged
For my eyes were sinking in emotions of their slow dance motion
A scene that sunk and killed me thoroughly, my heart was mugged
My heart light floating in pure emptiness

Her deadly lustful touch poisoned me into seductive thoughts
As I felt the palm of her hand massaging my face
The entire smoke screen kept messing with my mind
A couple of whiskeys came through, I did not mind
I needed to wake up, wake up of from this nightmare
For I was blind in my sleep with the taste of lust at my feet