Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pictures Worthy Of Words

"This is no poem but a letter about what could have been"

I have seen you in the art of pictures
A paint telling a tale of your steps, habits and fixtures
Seeing how wonderful you have applauded your growth
Just who you have always been got me needing to knock into your heart
And for once I had that chance
But all that work to sweep you of your feet, faded
Leading me to sleep at your doorstep without attempting to knock
That night was the closest I could get to you
Hours later, I was gone without tryin'

My girl friend showed me pictures of her kid
All I could show her was my smile and happiness for her
She said she always thought of marriage first
In white colour dresses and white doves to match the entire decor
A great believer she was and still is
But the decisions of her heart led her fall into lust
And she could not prosper from the sad situation
Down the lonely road, her first love was born from lust
She closed the door on a father who ran away
Now her life is translated by the joy of her son
Whom, in a path I could relate, would have a fatherless path
A picture hangs in her living room
The wallpaper wrap that covers her entire life
She looked calm in her happy home
Fixing up a hot plate on daily basis
A smile from her son, a happy mother in time for their date
She said the love for marriage does not exist in her life
Only love of her son is plenty enough and would grow further
And on lonely nights she would pray for comfort of her hearts desire

Way back memories of you are still alive
The smiles, hugs, more of the flirts, we were careless, remember?
It seems like a silly picture, yet a picture that cannot be burnt
I contemplated my thoughts on whether I should revisit the past
Solving a puzzle of every season that we found humour and comfort in
At day end I applaud for all the beautiful lanes you sold
Though I cannot reach you or travel with your time
I see you through these images that you share
For your pictures are worthy of words

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