Sunday, March 2, 2014

How Far Can You Go

All I have been doing thus far is listening to your sad emotions
It seemed you found the joy from it all, no tears, no frown, just laughter
Strong as were, it never even bothered you that they danced away with your heart
You stood firm, looked into my eyes and smiled
I sat there, wondering when the tears of your heart were to land

Few roads down, I saw you sitting in a room, lights down low
Heard your mystery cries, it amazed me of how hard they fell
It is well known that we are all shells, but our hearts do crack
Even tears of a clown has a scripture of a road full of pain
And all that pain, all that blood does drip down to dust

I contemplated crossing our friendship line
Exercise the right of a typical guy, having to do a home run, just lust
But, I stopped myself from repeating that single mistake
Once upon a time, before I knew the meaning of benefits in a friend, I lost a friend
Violated the line of our friendship, but that is a verse for another time
Excuse my thoughts, that is as real as I can be and you know it

Not all roses are red, not all violets are blue, and nobody is perfect
For what it is worth, there are a billion stars shining for you
Pick one, pick many, when the day come, you will shine like they do
For now, know that I like having you around, running like children in the streets with joy
Exploring our mature childish minds, a dynamic world we do discover

Cheers to how far we have made it, more of stadium packed applause
Through all of the talking, silly fights that ended before they began
Keeping each other in our daily prayers, applaud
Not all roses are red, but at the end you will receive all twelve
I am not being romantic, just being sincere with a heart

That is the furthest I can go