Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ghost Poetry, Love Does Not Live Here (Verse 1)

Lust is just a feeling that awakenss the heart
The same song played for years
Verses coming, verses going, written, erased
Beloved classic songs, more of the 808s played on repeats
I have played that scene, I am still in that play
Ladies naked on my stage, belly dancing under the late night lights
And they would hush upon my chest to meditate
Waking up, a lonely soul, finding nothing out of lust
Blueberry pancakes, caffé latté, a rose on the side, I served and left
Not as a thank you token, but a gesture "you will find love someday"
Being sincere I move on from where I left, to where the light turns
Where roses are not all red, violets blue and the rest burn
Kisses resting on me in ways I could explain
A satisfying dance that has no games, no brakes, no heartbreaks
No tears, no frowns but simple happiness, a complement
It is a pleasure

Ghost poetry, verses of the past, a habit that needs to be burried
Ghost poetry, verses of the present, a tale for tommorow
Ghost poetry, love does not live here