Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ghost Poetry, Love Does Not Live Here (Verse 2)

Love, a verb, a feeling that makes the heart fall asleep
A lie to a few who have been played by those they love
Like any individual who falls in love at first sight, a cliche right?
Power steered towards aggressive, passionate, or simple sex
Habored beautiful secrets of every stranger that meets the other
It is no lie that love is unfair, lust is fair
It makes no sense and yet you have been there, desperate to connect
Broken by love, built to lust till love makes its appeal
Good, bad, I am not to judge
If lust is a sin, I have played that card in several ways
Someday it will explode into a fearless responce
And up in the sky I will stare, listening to nothing but silence
Clouds hovering up above in different shapes under the sunset
Stars lined up in form of a milkyway to light up its path in pure darkness
My thoughts going where the wind blows, with my heart in arms
Love does not live here at this time, future time will tell its own tale
It would be a pleasure

Ghost poetry, verses of the past, a habit that needs to be burried
Ghost poetry, verses of the present, a tale for tommorow
Ghost poetry, love does not live here