Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Noble Intention

A gun, girls, a stage, a note and a happy fucken trigger

Hocus pocus, how empty my account is
Fallen so hard over the years, my hustle got knocked
Over, I stood up, over again I fell
And all I got is my poetry, music and sanity
Which I almost lost when I once held that pistol
In '08 around the time when pressure got the worst of me
And it was hard to tell the difference between living and dyin'
I asked for a sign and I found it in the dirt
Picked it up, looked up and saw a banner
"Don't be happy with that trigger"
Well, that's how I imagined it
But it was that warning sign for the liquor I had no thirst for
I moved on to clean it up, as my rookie skills got the better of me
Down the road, I played down my cards
More craze eights, less jokers, the rest just numbers

Well planned for winter, a perfect season, cold
Like my best friend would currently say, I became a bear
Late-nights, different vacations in one city, excuse the pun, I fucked them
Three to be exact, in one week, I had the pressure to release
Lerato, Michelle, Nicole, ohhhh.... smooth operator
Now all that, before it became a cold case
I was enjoying myself, cause I had a trigger ready to be happy
Thus far you should know, this is partially a poem
I cannot bring the sea to it
Only the memories that were flooding into my gates
I could not stop the rain from pouring, only feel the pain
Oh wait, here's the sea part
A couple of sex on the beach and adios motherfucker all on me
I had issues, most worthy, the rest you can guess
My stage falling, I had to continually rebuild
The same fucken structure I had no desire to entertain
Dam, my anger precedes me

Back to '08, early winter morning of happy trigger day
Hanged over, I wrote a short note that said
"If this world is a stage with bitches and pimps
Presidents and first lady's have led by example
And God wouldn't have let this world survive this far
Though a lady ate a fruit in the garden of Eden 
A man was a snitch, his name made it in the dictionary
We are creations of nouns, verbs, irony, metaphors
Living on to make up similes and personifications
And we all know who died for our sins"

I took out the pistol, looked at it
Metal shinning, like a womans sexy wet ass
I held it up right my chin, pulled the trigger
Just what I needed to do
Feel the message of my noble intention