Monday, August 11, 2014

The Alicia Kiss

After the introduction
It was hard to tell if that night would be inevitable
That same night, beneath the stars, we were lush
She said all that happens, stays
A classic lively Vegas term
I knew, back home, she had a heart
That dressed her pretty little face and wrapped her essence
She said "I am a fool for love", and I could relate
Such adventures have a way of ending up on my plate
At that moment, our paths crossed

Down a few shared words, with confidence
I reached out, kissed her, lip locked, la French way
Could she have liked it? It's not for me to say
Words could define, but actions deliver
When tipsy, it's hard to tell if it's real or not
And more kissing followed, with a few breaks
Of dancing, talking and drinking
There was no subtle approach
Usually strange late night kisses, lead to intimacy
This one, had a different view
A night cap, more kissing

I could ride the wave, say
It was an intimate night of arousal behaviour
We had broken through the shyness of lust
We were angels finding our daring angles
No shadow could have fallen on the light that bright
I held her gracefully and let my fingers clutch
As I treasured her yoni, and breasts at once

But, it was foreplay, with no purpose, or was there? #smiles
I admire the kiss we shared, never thought less of it
We were not in love, neither lust, could she tell?
I could not tell the tale of the her stars, I was pale
It's no excuse, including her pain
Could not bring any rhythm or pattern
No matter what the weather
What happened there, stayed