Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Before The First Kiss

Before the first kiss, we played around as little kids
Wrote each other letters when we were apart
In class we would pass around short notes of emoticons
Our secret code not for anyone, but us to know
A smile was for missing each other
Sad was for "my love longs for you"
The rest were to cover up our emotions

We lit up like fire flies in the dark
Shook the earth of our hearts, and would tremble 
Jazzed our moves under the moon at our first date
Feeling good, in the Nina Simone themed night
We had put a spell on each other
All we cared for was, to live, love and not languish
Never to loose each other, no matter the weather
Our parents succeeded to burn our attachment
Only to heat up our love from across the surface

We gave up our paths to find each other
Broke a few laws, to make it through the borders
Hitchhiked, got carried, travelled with the tide
Ran for miles to cover the distance, with no rest
Till we found each other, barefooted, clothes torn
At the equator of our heart
There was a sudden step, one two dance
Our love was neither kind, nor patient
Kissed, yes we kissed, for the first time
Beneath the imagination of raining rose petals
Our childhood memories aligned

Strolling down the road, a couple so pale
Dry lips, dry eyes, sad faces, so cold
Seeking help, out of something, came nothing
Down their well, dry and empty
They seek to fill it up, plant to prosper
No material to craft, no art to sell
All they had was a tale to share