Wednesday, September 24, 2014

God, Hustle, Patience

As we strive for holiness to multiply the bread
Knowingly it would be a struggle to obtain it all at once
Straight from the dirt, we pledged to dig and break barriers
Discover freedom and peace at heart
As we march on the land our forefathers fought on
Freedom in their sight, they found peace at last

Burning eyes from the thunder of the sun
We have obtained the heat for hunger to gain success
Hustlers do not wait to be the left, they attempt
Good, bad, one leap at a time, there is a story to tell
Remaining observant, for the vultures that eat off ones success
And sit on big chairs, with a belly hard to belt

Make amends with the Man, be more of a man, believe
Every night, talk to Him, and He will guide you
Might be hard to look to the sky, worse on scarred days
But His rod and staff are there to comfort you
Kick out the addiction, the source of your weakness, gain strength
I gain mine through the pleasure to writing and power of knowledge

What had to be long ago, has to be now
Fears can sink you in depression for a long time
Hard to admit, yet you could stand your ground
Practice what you preach is a struggle hard to reach
But faith in God, hustle and patience
Will put you on that stage you would have strived on everything