Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Norah's Letter

Wrote a letter in your beating heart
Back then when I discovered a strong feeling in my own
The way I felt for you, consumed me, took over me
Your beautiful scene made me smile
Looked at you, looked at you, my heart skipped a beat
Made me get closer, ask me what I saw
A new view that gave me hope, a goal, you

From a distance, you opened my eyes
Hour glass running through time, anticlockwise, clockwise
I promise, you stole me, I could not find myself
I had ran through that scene repeatedly
Capturing that picture in different angles
Saved it in my memory, to zoom through it later

Lust texts forth and back, back and forth
Like the Elvis Presley chorus You were always on my mind
It was a matter of time you had me in yours
I could not wait to see you, the next day
Plant a lustful seed that blossomed
Incomparable flower you were
Even with your faults, I was fond of you

I poked and poked, requested more than friendship
Under false pretence, you denied
On my poetry book, I wrote
I would say it was like a sinking surviving titanic ship
I had panicked before expressing my truths to her
She panicked to let her heart open
Struggled to say yes, so
Down down down, we sunk, bled in silence
Reaped nothing from what I sowed, so I thought
And so on this lustful road, we will be parallel

Last day of our close parallel path
Another stole my scene, I could say it was an excuse
I had tagged your heart, never easy to forget
In the end I had lost, watched myself drown
Could not watch the scene I had not directed
I knew that once we went our ways
We would not get the chance to find love in one another

I hope, wherever your heart is set
It is as bright and beautiful as the Sunday sunrise
The puzzles you face, solved as one
On your rainy days, he holds up an umbrella for you
Hugs and cuddles you unexpectedly, as you feel his warmth
And kisses you underneath the sunset, to see off the day