Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spring Only Comes Once A Year

Up early in the morning, put a smile on your face
Spring just landed, filled with colours
Stash all that winter frown down the drain
Stilettos on your feet, a few strings on
You well on your way

Let your head down, no make-up on, reveal your colours
Summer is only a few months away to reveal the rest
Grow and own your composure
Now hold on, don't get down, you not a tail, lead
Model your hips till a fella is dizzy with desire

Every flower has its colour
Allow the knights to land on your stage
It is a complement of your fierce scent
Are those strawberry or cherry bum lips?
Grab a kiss or two, it is not a sin
Ride along the waves if you have to
Glide slowly up and down to feast your senses

Reveal your cleavage
Let your tatoos breath, it is comfort for you
The power you obtain, could also be your desire
It is all eyes on you as you walk on by
Own the day, for a better tomorrow
Now go on girl, spring only comes once a year