Friday, December 5, 2014

Unfelt Memories (Freestyle)

Landing on my heart, listened to it whisper
A melody flourished in her presence
Her heart natured motions, tap dancing in circles
Falling deep in our souls, far from romance
Dancing in the shades of our adventure
Strobe lights, flashed in a distance
Two together in a picture, a frame with an horizon
Kisses under the mistletoe, a scene less to be true
On a cloud she hushed beneath the sunset
Hiding her face of coloured features
Opened her eyes, blushed
What I saw were signs of a beautiful new beginning

Cheered to the memories, theme parked of warm seasons
Pocket filled with stars, wishes could be made'
What we did was worthy to open eyes
Worthy to be heard by open ears
I don't believe in we, she said, I don't believe in we
One unique gesture does not make us we
A thorned rose at my heart, poked poked poked
Fell bleeding in cold winter
Unplugged my heart from these emotions
Remained symphonies of sandy parched pictures
Were written in her diary of unfelt memories