Thursday, January 29, 2015

The END is Nothing NEW To Me

I already see the end , so I fear the beginning
This path, is like many before
Daffodils in full blossom, streets paved in rubies
My heart, my head, I cannot differentiate
But a certain voice tells me lies or truths I cannot discern
Knock knock, I fear opening the door
With my outcry, I can still hear the voice say
"open your hearts door for me, so I can dwell with you forever"
Without any response, I fall apart
Tears streaming down like summer rain
I reach for my face to wipe them but all is dry as a dessert plane
I close my eyes, listening to the sobs of a broken heart that yearns to love
A heart hindered to explore by fear of pain
To comfort my heart, my mind says
"You already know the end so forget the beginning
This path is like many you have travelled on"

"This poem was a story written by a friend that I edited into a poem" - Poeticpiper