Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Am Love

How do I say these words
To avoid to see or listen to your cry
For my heart is filled with emotions
My tongue says all in truth
And my eyes show the meaning
As much as my action

See, I am love
Gone through the hatred and backlash, of
Of those I had their hearts broken
For they were not true to my soul
An unhealthy situation
My heart turned to stealth
My heart was no longer feeling
My emotions were stolen and caged
And I had to eject them
Walk in a straight line of happiness

I cheated my way to heal
Cheated my way to see me smile, and I did
But I would never cheat my way to love
For I am love and I would cheat myself
Cheat myself to love to see the other love
For giving is receiving
I show you and give you